FOUNDATIONS & PRACTICE OF SECURITY 2015 (David Pointcheval, Directeur de Recherche, PhD, CNRS, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France)

Secure Distributed Computation on Private Inputs

Many companies have already started the migration to the Cloud and many individuals share their personal informations on social networks. While some of the data are public information, many of them are personal and even quite sensitive (strategic, medical, financial, intellectual property, etc). Unfortunately, the current access mode is purely right-based, therefore, the provider itself not only has total access to the data, but also knows which data are accessed, by whom, and how. Privacy, which includes secrecy of data (confidentiality), identities (anonymity), and requests (obliviousness), should be enforced by design.

Recent cryptographic primitives have been proposed, with functional encryption and fully homomorphic encryption. In this talk, we will propose some efficient concrete solutions, together with a new approach with secure multi-party computation.

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Lundi 09 Novembre 2015
Tag(s) : FOUNDATIONS & PRACTICE OF SECURITY, confiance numerique, sécurité informatique
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