Séminaire confiance numérique (Ioana Boureanu Carlson, University of Surrey, Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS), UK)

How (not) to use TLS between 3 parties

In this talk, we will explore the case of TLS between a client and a server, being mediated in particular way by a middle-man embodied by a CDN, i.e., a content delivery network.

We specifically discuss the case of the so-called “Keyless SSL”, where the server retains its private key and the mediating CDN uses the server as proxy during the TLS handshake. We disclose vulnerabilities on this design and discuss different repairs.

Throughout, we emphasise on what we believe to be the (old and reinforced, as well as the new) security requirements and model needed when lifting TLS from the classical 2-party setting to the 3-party one.

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Jeudi 01 Décembre 2016
Tag(s) : confiance numerique, sécurité informatique
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